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I am XinJun and I blog, about everything. Born in 1995 in Malaysia and had been here since then. I blog to share whatever I want, beauty, fashion, and most of all, food.

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Updates (032014).
Thursday, March 20, 2014 | Posted by XinJun | 0 comment/s
Hai gais! Last I updated was a month ago, and I'm sorry for that Smiley Been super busy cause my A2 examinations are coming up. Truth is, I've been slacking, so now I'll have to start the late night hardcore studying again. Mocks are coming up in a week's time, and I'm totally not prepared for it ohmaigod.

Anyway, I'm here for a short update of my current life. Like any of you will be interested, but whatever.

[1] Yes, after the not-obvious-at-all-blue-streak, this is my new and current hair color! Purple and pink. I initially wanted something way lighter than this, which is of course pastel, but I like it like this too! Unfortunately, after like, 3 washes, the pink has already faded a lot, like, really a lot, so now the ends are like already baby pinkish going to be blonde, and the rest are just gradually fading. 

Missing Daniel aka the photographer.

[2] My 1st of March spent with the lovely Shitters, like, finally all of us met up. Lunch at One City, including a long long long long photo session, and also my first time to the Escape Room at Setiawalk, Puchong. Don't ask, we lost. 

[3] Just during last year's end of AS holiday, I've started reading manga and watching anime, and eventually got hooked to it. And my current addiction is Gakuen Alice(Alice Academy), which I just finished reading it few days ago. 180 chapters in 4 days *claps* SmileyI wanna live in a manga man, seriously, why is there no such good looking people in real life like Natsume, or Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. WAI.

[4] Today, the 20th of March, marks my 16th day of fasting meat for Lent, a Catholic event. Everything's going quite well, I'm not really craving for meat. I've told almost everyone that knew I was fasting, that, there was this one year I decided to fast cursing, lemme tell you, it was HELL.

[5] As I mentioned, mocks' coming up, A2's coming up, I'm gonna be on another hiatus Smiley Sorry gais sorry. For last minute people like me, this is totally necessary. So yeah, see ya'll after I finish A2! In June...... Okay la maybe I'll be posting one or two more posts before I go on a hiatus, prolly one after mocks.

Yeah, that's all for my current updates! To all you people who got your SPM results today, congratulations! And to all of you going to be in the same seating as mine for A2, good luck!

Old photo but whatever.


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