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Fat? Nah, just eat.
Saturday, September 14, 2013 | Posted by XinJun | 0 comment/s

Second last day of my one week (study) break *sobs sobs*. Anyway, I went for Taylor's College Subang Jaya's "Blackout" Concert organized by the Music Club last night. It was totally worth my 15 bucks and I had such a great night!

Oh and I went with my college-mates Judson and Jacklyn! Tried Burgertory in SS15 for dinner and it was great. They make their own patty so it wasn't like, flat like others, it was round and fat omg. But they were kinda cheapskate for the add-on fry set which has fries, onion rings and mozzarella cheese stick. There were really little fries, only 3 onion rings and 1 cheese stick haha! Oh but they have really really nice interior, actually feels like a mini workshop in there.

See what I mean little?

The concert was awesome filled with really good performances, really enjoyed myself so much. But I couldn't get any photos of the performances at all cause the lighting was really really dark like, I think the only light sources were the spotlights haha!

As for today, I actually just came back from Publika, this place filled with yummy yummy yummy food all over, but most are really pricey too haha. It's a really big mall as it has indoor and outdoor shops, and 3 blocks in total. We intended to go to Red Bean Bag at first, but it was full and we didn't wanna wait (actually I didn't want to wait cause I was hungry), so we went to Ben's instead.

This is what everyone should do hahahaha. 

Beef Lasagna.

We had Wondermilk for dessert after that. My second time there, but the first time was the one in Uptown Damansara instead. I finally got to try the Salted Caramel cupcake! It was not bad, but it didn't really taste as good as I expected though.

I guess this was not bad too, it may look better than it taste, cause it actually tastes just like your average cake haha!

So I guess I'm done for today! Love ya and tata 

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