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Made It To The End • Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
Sunday, June 15, 2014 | Posted by XinJun | 0 comment/s
I don't know if I'm thinking too much, but the day after my Triple A ceremony ended, my blog had quite a lot of views hahahaha. Were you guys anticipating for my blog post update? Smiley Hahahhaha so 'bui paiseh'.

Anyway, yeap it has finally ended last Thursday and all that's left for me to do is to get my deposit back, return the student ID and all! I think I said this before, prolly in my last few posts, but it's all so fast, one and a half year is gone, and I'm already going on to 19 next month (crap my wish to stay 17 forever never came true) (hint hint, presents please).

So um, I had my dress custom made from Emcee Couture, they did such a great job omg I loved the dress. Lemme get this clear, not that I am too rich to get a customized dress for a mere graduation, but cause their pricing is so reasonable, I got it at RM99 which is so much more cheaper than the dresses out there, and that it fits perfectly on me (Y)

Bag from Alice Wonders, RM30. 

My two best girlfriends 

Honestly, the food was awesome (sorry food and sleep always settles for me), and the most fun part (other than the food of course), was taking pictures. It's not all the time you get to dress up like this, well unless you're some rich 'tai tai', so of course grasp the opportunity to take more and more pictures!

Suprisingly, this is not gonna be a long post, cause I'm not gonna be posting the a lot of the photos I took with friends and classmates and ex-schoolmates cause I'm too lazy to edit them, but if you want to please go to my Facebook and have a look! Anyway, most photos are from Jac's camera or mine.

I really have to say that, makeup does wonders, especially bronzer omg. That was my first time putting on bronzer (thankkiu YP)

Here comes the post-event photo hahahaha!

My hair can never hold up curls for more than half a day, no matter how much hairspray I spammed. But thank God it gone flat after the event ended. Oh and necklace was from YP too cause I didn't wanna buy something I'd only wear once, so thankkiu again 

Since A-level ended, friends, please keep in touch hahaha I'll miss you gais so much ohmaigod, and those that I don't know (since I'm super antisocial in college) do take care and good luck on your futures, and do talk to me I want more friends hahaahah!

I can't say I enjoyed A-level wholeheartedly, since, it's all studying, but I cherish the moments I spent with my course mates, in or out of college Now I feel like crying Smiley

Made a late night cover that night, check it out! Smiley

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