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I am XinJun and I blog, about everything. Born in 1995 in Malaysia and had been here since then. I blog to share whatever I want, beauty, fashion, and most of all, food.

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KL Gangsters 2.0 • Cafe Hop//KL & TTDI
Wednesday, June 11, 2014 | Posted by XinJun | 0 comment/s
Cafe hopping around KL with a driver, how cool is that Smiley? My first cafe hopping was posted awhile ago, go read it! (Warning: I'm mostly only posting the food I had cause if I post everything it'll be too much, and that I don't remember the pricing at all)

This time around, we were the KL Gang$ters + 2, and we went to a total of 7 cafes (maybe 8 to be exact).

Feeka Big Breakfast

So we started off with brunch at Feeka, our plan was to not get full so we can go on for as many cafe as possible. When in doubt, just get the big breakfast, applies everywhere. And we also ordered their Fried Platter and Omelette, all three were good. Their shop is actually quite hidden, by trees and all, so you might have to look closely to actually find it, cause if I recall, they don't actually have a signboard, or do they?

And off we go to VCR, I've heard a lot about it, and was excited to try it out.

Front: The King (Peanut butter and banana), Back: Black Velvet (I'm guessing it's your good old Red Velvet without colouring?)

I guess this place was easier to find, cause they had like a board outside, but they still don't have like a legit signboard. Too hipster gais, too hipster. But the environment was really good, we sat upstairs. I like how it's not low on illumination. (Side note: Quite a lot of angmohs hehehhehe) Almost forgot, their cake was reaaaaaally good, super worth trying. Maybe the next time I go I'll try their coffee, I didn't want to fill myself up with coffee yet so I skipped.

So next was Three Little Birds, and honestly, it did not impress me. I mean, the environment is just, too business-sy. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but it's definitely not the type of cafe I'd like to hang out in. The cheesecake was really good though Smiley

Then we left for Podgy and the Banker, and I finally had my coffee-therapy! 

Honestly, I really think I cannot even survive more than two weeks without coffee. The cake on the side was Jac's Flourless Chocolate Cake, I'm sorry but it just didn't appeal to me, so I didn't bother trying. She ordered it because she thought it was a brownie and she was craving it hahahaha.

And so I remembered that Thursdvys' brownies was on my friend's Instagram so I was like, let's go!

Damn the brownie was the bomb, love how it's not dry but not sticky as well. 

Since we were already in TTDI, I knew there was a lot of cafes just around there, and I Foursquare-d, Quar/Tet was at the street behind Thursdvys, so we walked there.

I wanted something to drink, and I was like, hmmm let's just get an orange juice. And the cashier was like, do you wanna try this? And so I tried it, I guess it's almost the same as your usual fresh orange juice, but it's less sour, and not sweet. Quite worth the try, and it's quite a big bottle too. Love their interior, all the posters and that their counter+bar was just right in the center of the shop.

Oh I forgot to mention, we wanted to try That Latte Place at one point, apparently they changed their name to Green Tomato Cafe(?), or something like that, and no offense, it looks just like some mamak stall. (I'm sorry) It just didn't appeal to us and so we left.

Since the others had to go home by LRT, our first and last spot was KLCC itself. Actually our last spot was in Avenue K cause Sarah wanted to have Johnny Rockets (Yes Kal, not Johnny Rogers) for dinner. I was already so god damn exhausted (Actually we barely walked, I don't even know why was I so tired). 

I only had the Bacon Cheese Fries, while the others had their burgers, more like, gigantic burgers. I won't embarrass Jud and Sheag by posting the video of them dancing to Gentleman with the staffs there, but I still wanna tell hahahahaha, this is what you get to enjoy when you hang out with Jud. 

I know, the pink faded, but I'm too lazy to go touch it up, will do it soon. (Suggest to me what color! Make sure it matches my purple tho, it haven't faded and I wanna keep it)

Photos were mostly from Jac's camera, but taken by myself, just for the sake of blogging hahaha. Actually I brought my own camera, but since there was a DSLR, might as well right. Some were still taken by my camera, cause of the flip-up screen, for selfie duh. 

I'm so hyped for my Triple A tomorrow! Can't wait to finally doll up and attend my first and last formal event in Sunway College. Hope you guys enjoyed reading my cafe hopping 'journey' and stay tuned for more! Do comment and let me know what other cafes around Selangor (Subang, PJ, KL...) that you think is worth trying! 

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