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Updates (092014).
Friday, September 26, 2014 | Posted by XinJun | 0 comment/s
Yay more updates! (Sorry for neglecting my blog for such a long time Smiley) Anyway, I've been absent from my blog since like my last post that was about my birthday so it has already been almost 2 months since then.

I'll try my best to recall everything I've missed!

1. August was such a hard month cause I had to send YP off not knowing when is she gonna even come back Smiley.I don't even have to say it but you know I miss you so much, please take good care of yourself there, keep your Asian-ness, don't get bad influences and good luck in everything!

The last meetup missing Amanda and Tasha who were both not in state before we sent her off

2. My shoot with Third Culture was posted awhile ago, on both their magazine and Pasar Dalam. It was my first experience of an actual photoshoot and it was incredibly fun but tiring at the same time. 

A lil' sneak peek. Click on the links to see more photos and browse through their collection!

3. In August as well, I got my A2 results. A huge disappointment, but kinda like a message from God as well. Of course I won't reveal it here, most people already know, you can ask me I'll tell you, but I just don't feel like revealing it to the public LOL I shy Smiley

4. I registered as a Help University student, under Bachelor of Psychology (Hons.). Nope, not law, I know all the way I've been working hard towards pursuing law, but, things happened, I thought and rethought, and then decided on this. I most probably won't, and cannot afford to change my mind anymore, so, wish me luck!

5. Dyed my hair, again. This time, I'm back with my underdye, but added a layer of fiery red instead of only purple, and this tone of purple is more blue-undertone than red so the contrast is more.

The layer of red is actually thinner than the purple than it is in the photo

6. Back to school it seems! I registered late so I was a week late for classes but seems like I didn't miss much, except for orientation, some introductions and assignments. Yes, assignments, due yesterday. I guess A-level did help, in the sense that it prepared me for all the critical thinking because I needed it for evaluation questions in exams. 

I went shopping for school supplies, and got all these from Terranova in Pyramid, ohmaigod these were so cheap I tots couldn't resist buying them

7. Freshies' Night! Well it was my first because awesome Sun-U didn't have it for my intake, but rather the intake after Smiley Anyway, had a lot of fun but it was also super tiring cause I had class at 8 till 6 and the event ended at 10. It was a Hawaiian theme!

My hair was incredibly messy that day cause I had it in a fishtail braid and I forgot I was having a long day and that my hair is super layered now

8. On the same night, I had to send Michelle off as well. My face totally went from Smiley to Smileywhen I had to leave first cause my mum doesn't want me to stay out too late. I was crying like shit and her shoulder was wet :P At least I know she's gonna be back 2 years plus later!

Toilet shot (Y) 

9. Freshies' Lunch, specially for Psych department's students, which I do not understand why it is compulsory, but it's free, so whatever. It was, boring, quite pointless, the food was average, quite a waste of time. I don't know.

10. Lunch reunion with the law class bunch! Missed them so much omg haven't seen them since Triple A.

And how can I miss out the chance to ask Whey for an ootd snapshot (Y) 

11. Since it's still the starting of school life again, I'm trying to dress as decent as possible, unlike when I was in Sunway, tank tops, shorts and slippers won't do anymore (well I try la). And when I have enough time, I'll put on eyeliner, I'm kinda trying out a new eyeliner look, you can check out my instagram @xinjunchoo to see the difference from my previous methods.

Well I guess that's all! This is a super long post I didn't know I had so many updates but yeah, thanks for reading it and, stay tuned for more updates! I will try to update as much as possible, provided I have enough free time aside from studies. I'll try!

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