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Friday, July 17, 2015 | Posted by XinJun | 0 comment/s
Ey y'll! I'm 20 gais I'm 20.

Yeah, the feeling of having the '2' as the first number of your age is just, I don't even know. I do feel so much older now, honestly. I know some might go like, you're still so young, bla bla bla. But to me, so what if I'm still young? You never know how much time you have left.


Okay off topic and it's gotten a lil' too solemn hahahaha. Sorry. Now, as usual, photo updates of my birthday celebrations. I'm the kind of person, who loves to let everyone know when is my birthday. Why? Because why not? It's the day you've been born, which is why you get to celebrate it every year, it's the symbol of your existence Smiley


So my celebration actually started on Wed (8th July) (my birthday's on 10th), cause my lovely uni friends decided to surprise me hahahaha. WHEN I WAS ON STAGE!

Really gais really? Making me go on stage and sing then surprising me, that surprise mannnnn Smiley


Awesome Chun Kerk brought me out for lunch haahhahaha (see dedication post bro), and he accompanied me to shop for some stuff I needed for Saturday man Smiley


Firstly, really really thankkiu to you lovely people who wished me through FB, Twitter, WA and Instagram! Celebration was really pretty simple cause I wanted to conserve energy for the next day hahaha.

(P.S. This place has cute baristas HAHAHA)

 Credits: Forever my bestie and the one who takes best shots of me @whey.ling


I'm just gonna skip the whole morning till evening cause I attended the grand finals of the Asia Muse Search 2015, and I'll prolly blog about it in another post (no I didn't win hehe being in Top 10 is really good enough!)

Went out to meet my forever Shitters (-2) and got another small birthday surprise from them :D (And Daniel being so awesome actually bought me a cake weu)

 This photo absolutely shows how tired I was coming back from the competition, but also how happy I was meeting them 

Clearly I wasn't ready but Idk why I love this


Simple day just to get a great great rest and a small and simple celebration with my beloved family 

After thaaaaaaaat

My birthday is just never ending cause I have lovely friends who thinks of me and came all the way just to deliver presents to me 

Lastly lastly, another great thank you to all of you and of course, thank you God for creating me and bringing to this world.

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